paro sonic, the hydrodynamic sonic toothbrush with up to 41,000 cleaning motions per minute, deactivates and removes biofilm gently and efficiently.
With its interdental function, paro combines sonic tooth cleaning and interdental cleaning.
The two different brush heads can be used for gentle and sensitive cleaning (paro sensi-clean) or intensive whitening (paro deep clean whitening).

The paro sonic is also suitable for cleaning orthodontic appliances, as well as implant reconstructions such as crowns and bridges.

The innovative interdental cleaning attachment operates in the “INTERDENTAL” mode.

Each interdental brush with the well proven paro isola F system fits into the attachment, thus enabling you to clean between your teeth using your own choice of interdental brush.
To change brushes, you just need a new interdental brush and not a whole new attachment.


  • Normal: daly application
  • Interdental: interdental cleaning
  • Whitening: intensive care

Timer & Travel Lock