paro – Your benefit

Our focus is on you as the user. You can benefit from various paro® innovations in protective, simple and effective oral care. These include:

paro isola-Technology

Esro AG was the first manufacturer, who introduced plastic coated wires in the manufacturing process. This paro isola technology is patented and used in all interdental brush types of the paro collection.

This insulated wire builds the thin core of the gently bristled interdental brushes. Tue to this high quality paro isola coting, no metal will be in contact with the tooth substance, fillings, crowns or bridges. This prevents from damages or injuries as well as from the painful “battery effect” caused by ion releases of bi-polar elements.

Usage Consideration of interdental brushes

As with any interdental cleaning system, it is of utmost importance to choose the right sized brush. If the brush is too small, the plaque won’t be fully removed. If the diameter is too big, it won’t fit into the interdental space and might injure gums.

Custom-fit and anatomical correct formed interdental brushes

To meet everybody’s needs, paro offers a wide range of interdental brushes in many diameters with conical or tapered shapes. Beside the round brushes paro developed the 3star technology to mimic the anatomical shape of an interdental space and thus fit and cleaning efficiency are increased.

Universal and interchangable paro isolaF- System

The interchangeable brushes of the paro isolaF– and the paro isola3star– System are compatible throughout all the different handles and toothbrushes of paro. Due to its intelligent and hygienic fitting mechanism, the brushes are easy to replace.

These fitting mechanism is based on an insert and turn solution. The brush is well set in the holder and can be easily removed by hand or with the hygienic cap, which is designed as a key. Place the narrower end of the cap over the brush, insert and turn 90°.

paro slider box

Most of the paro interdental products are delivered in the smart paro slider box. For opening the box, the cover can be slid off by one hand or snapped off normally. The box is reusable and thus you have less waste.

Upmost you profit from:     Easy to carry   –   Easy to store   –   Easy to handle